Mila Kunis for Elle UK August 2012 cover

On the weekend I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of Ted, a new film starring Mark Wahlberg. He plays a guy who as a child wished for his teddy bear to come to life and guess what? His wish is granted! Sound a bit odd? Well it is, but it is also bloody funny thanks to the writing, directing and voice over of Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame.

The hilarious movie also stars Mila Kunis who is not only very funny but who also confirms even more just how unbelievably stunning she is. I'm serious. Those huge almond-shaped eyes, that gorgeous brown skin, that shiny dark hair - it's fair to say that Mila has now found a permanent spot on my girl crush list. This is why I was super stoked to see her land the August cover of Elle UK magazine. Smouldering in an embellished Dior dress, the 28-year-old works the cover of the glossy in a 1960s-inspired shoot.

Mila Kunis for Elle UK August 2012 subscriber cover

Elle UK August 2012 subscriber cover, above.

Inside the mag, Mila touches on several subjects including what it's like to be Mila and the status on her so-called romance with Ashton Kutcher.

Being Mila:
"Part of me just wants to adopt a persona that I think people would like. But I am who I am; I'm too lazy to try to be something I'm not."

On swearing: "There is a small group of people who don't like women being crude but they need to get over that. Lots of men still don't see women as funny."

Dating: "Yes I'm totally single." After eight years with Macauley Culkin (they broke up in 2011), Mila is happily being single, trying to a "normal single girl" ... she says she's definitely not dating Ashton Kutcher they've been friends for 15 years and Justin Timberlake is one of her best friends, that's it, best friends!

Find out more at Elle UK online.