Marion Cotillard three August magazine covers

What a popular girl Marion Cotillard is at the moment! The French actress has landed not one, not two, but three magazine covers all in one month - and two of those are Vogues. Marion has scored herself a trifecta for the August issues, not only does she grace the cover of American Vogue, she is also fronting the latest issue from Vogue Paris. Not bad!

To top it all off she has also been given the August cover of Marie Claire UK, just to ensure all areas of the world are covered. Funnily enough the cover I like the most out of the three is from Marie Claire. The other two, I feel, are rather boring and show little spirit or ooh la la. Especially the Vogue covers, they really seem to fall flat and are quite uninspiring which is a shame.

For the Vogue US cover, Marion wears a navy blue blazer, with a casual side ponytail and fresh make-up. For Vogue Paris, the cover is a close-up shot of the 36-year-old, sporting some smoky brown eye make-up which helps to bring out her green/blue eyes. It also appears as though the magazine has airbrushed out her birthmark in the centre of her forehead. No points from me there. For Marie Claire, the actress stands tall in a pastel pink peplum dress, but looks a little dead in the eyes to me. Do you agree?

What are you thoughts on these covers? Which one do you like best?

[Image via Styleite]