kusamalouisvuitton2012.jpgDo you remember back in May when I told you of my excitement over the collaboration between fashion giants Louis Vuitton and one of the most prolific Japanese artists of our time, Yayoi Kusama? Well, a day ahead of its store landing date (which is tomorrow by the way), Vuitton have unveiled its newest collection in its entirety online!

Vogue have released images of the highly anticipated collection - Infinitely Kusama - in full, describing it as "bold, playful, and not for the faint-hearted", and I couldn't agree more. The collaboration between Vuitton and Kusama has certainly got to be one of the most directional in recent years, and it's all thanks to Creative Director, Marc Jacobs. The designer said of his latest collection, "it's very much a true collaboration because there's the Vuitton monogram and the spots of Kusama - both of them are endless, timeless, and forever." Awww.

At 83 years old, Kusama is definitely one of the oldest artists to influence our wardrobes, yet her obsession with polka dots and bright colours is still fresh, relevant, and unique. If you're daring enough to immerse yourself in Kusama's world, there are some amazing pieces to choose from (like a see-through plastic trench detailing hand painted spots!) but there are also some incredibly cute and accessible designs such as sunglasses, sandals and barrel bags.

I can't wait to see if any celebrities will be brave enough to do head-to-toe Vuitton/Kusama. Alexa Chung, I'm counting on you!