"Do you celebrate Independence Day in the UK?" asked my childhood penpal, a sweet 9 year old from Missouri. Even back then I was precocious enough to want to reply "Have a think about that one and get back to me, yeah?"

But though we might not get a public holiday to celebrate the day our ancestors gave up and headed home (ahem, I might be simplifying history a bit there..) a lot of time has passed since the Declaration of Independance was signed. The UK and US are firm friends now (albeit friends who rib each other mercilessly) and plenty of UK-based brands have recognised that the good old star spangled banner makes a particularly good fashion motif.

So here are just a few of our favourites from the UK high street that'll help Brits show their love for the US of A on 4th July.


American flag bralet £12 Topshop
House of Holland for Pretty Polly US flag tights £7 River Island
American flag denim shorts £24.99 MissGuided
Faded American flag skirt £22.99 New Look
Cream flag print hanky hem top by Quiz £8.99 Debenhams
American flag peeptoe platform t-bar shoes £22 Boohoo
Violent Lips American flag temporary lip tattoo £7 ASOS
American flag hotpants £9.99 Prodigy Red

Researching this post I was astounded at just how many fashion items are emblazoned with the US flag - obviously we have a lot of love for our pals across the pond.

But thinking about it, we do have a lot to be grateful to the US for. I personally would like to thank America for our US editor extraordinaire Andrea, Oreo cookies, Marc Jacobs, Ryan Gosling, Diet Coke, pulled pork, Las Vegas, Forever 21 and for taking Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan off our hands.

America, we owe ya!