Let's get it out of the way: Demi Lovato seems like a lovely girl. She has had her struggles in the limelight and seems to be healthy, happy and recovered. But someone has got to do a fashion intervention on this erstwhile tween star. The actress/singer/girl-of-all-trades from the Disney factory turns 20 next month and so it's about time for her to start figuring out her personal style. Or hire a better stylist.

It's an admittedly weird phase, transitioning from a star known for starring roles on Barney and Friends and in Princess Protection Program to a pop singer in the Britney Spears mold. All too often, as seems to be the case with Lovato, the same uber-trendy super cheesy outfits are just given a huge dose of sex appeal to get the job done. It's the "I used to wear dresses like this on Sonny With a Chance, so I'll just wear the same thing in leather and sheer lace!" logic.

Clearly, it's not working. On tour Lovato tans and tints her hair, and here wears a super high-waisted leather flare skirt with a lace bustier featuring diamante bra cups, a fringed 3/4 sleeve leather jacket and sheer black tights. Can you believe all those items fit into one sentence? Well they shouldn't fit into one outfit either.

Please, someone give Demi some help. Maybe her pal Taylor Swift?