teamusa.jpgTeam USA's Olympic uniforms (left) might be designed by Ralph Lauren, but they're made in China. Politicians aren't happy about this... [Coco Perez]

British students are apparently very keen to work in fashion! According to reports from LinkedIn, fashion brands like Burberry and ASOS are amongst the most-watched on the site. [The Telegraph]

Following reports earlier in the week, it's been confirmed that Valentino has indeed been sold to an investment group allegedly backed by the royal family of Qatar. Apparently, this is the sign of a new trend in fashion finance. [The Guardian]

YSL beauty is launching a palette devoted to its facebook fans using the facebook colours. We would LOVE to know what Hedi Slimane thinks about this one... [Kiss and Makeup]

Teens protested outside the Teen Vogue offices this week, asking for more transparency regarding airbrushing and altered images of models in magazines. Staffers apparently gave them "less than five minutes" of their time. [Fashionista]