Closet, makers of many a wiggle dress, have turned their attention away from their usual inspiration (Victoria Beckham) to a new designer for Autumn / Winter 2012. Their blue peplum print dress (£45, available at Dorothy Perkins) owes a lot to a certain London-based designer pairing known for fantastic prints. The print of the pretty structured dress is a dead ringer for some of the looks from the Peter Pilotto Autumn / Winter show.

Since show images started hitting the web within minutes of the catwalk show ending, it's becoming increasingly easy for high street and fast fashion brands to knock up cheaper alternatives. Our feelings on this vary. If it's a direct knock-off, it can end up being damaging to both brands (loss of sales to the designer, lawyers bills to the fast fashion brand). But where inspiration is taken and worked into a new piece, it can offer those of us on a budget a way to try a look with a high street spin. The closet dress is by no means a direct copy - the Peter Pilotto show didn't feature any short peplum dresses whatsoever - but the print echoes the designer piece, giving a very similar feel.

What do you think? A good homage or a bad copy?