In a surprise turn, Chloe Grace Moretz has become an ambassador for youthful fashion brand, Aeropostale. Earlier this year, the 15-year-old actress told Flaunt magazine that didn't feel ready to do ad campaigns yet, admitting, "I want to wait a couple of years, because I think if I do it right now, where am I going to go when I'm 20 and I've already done two campaigns or something?"

Obviously something about Aeropostale has swayed her opinion; perhaps the brands casual apparel or young target audience are behind the change of heart? The Washington Post reports that Chloe has already noticed a shift in her fan base since Aeropostale's adverts began appearing in magazines a few weeks ago - could this be the beginning of the Chloe Moretz take over?!

As well as modeling in adverts and videos for the brand through next spring, Chloe will reportedly be curating collections both in-store and online, wearing clothes she has picked and styled herself. According to The Washington Post, Chloe who is set to star in a remake of horror movie Carrie, describes her own style as fun, flirty and colorful, and whilst she takes most of her style cues from her mother, she admires the look cultivated by her Dark Shadows co-star, Michelle Pfeiffer. "She has the coolest clothes," Moretz gushed. Describing fashion as "another way to hone your artistic ability and express your personality", the young actress also explained that she hasn't regretted one fashion choice she's made yet, both on and off the red carpet. She also gave a brief description of her role at Aeropostale:

"I get my own section, I got to pull my own clothes. Girls can go and see what I love and what I wear in the shoots. It's a way for me to be in touch with girls."

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