Anna Wintour dining with John Galliano

While we were busy glued to Raf Simon's début couture collection for Dior this week, Anna Wintour was also busy meeting with John Galliano. The American Vogue editor was snapped dining with the disgraced former Dior designer by Instagram user, albertkcpang at the Ritz Paris restaurant, L'Espadon.

Pang revealed to The Cut that he is "100% positive [it] was Galliano" who met with Wintour at the eatery. "[He] arrived alone and took a seat outdoor[s] where I was, and ordered a drink (not sure what drink, [I] couldn't see it [be]cause I was two tables away). The picture with a few people was someone from the table who knew Galliano, and they said hi. Then about 10 or 15 minutes later Anna Wintour came and she seemed very excited, with hurried steps to Galliano. If I remember correctly, they hugged. But I couldn't hear a thing. Then they moved indoors for dinner," he added.

Galliano has been rarely seen in public since being fired from Dior for making anti-Semitic comments in a Paris cafe in February last year. He was sent to rehab for alcohol addiction before being found guilty of anti-Semitism by a French court last September. Apart from this recent sighting, the British-born designer has been reportedly spotted with Wintour's colleague, Grace Coddington, in Manhattan of late. I wonder what they could all be talking about.

[Images via Instagram @albertkcpang]