Ab Fab London Olympic special

The 2012 London Olympics aren't escaping the attention of Absolutely Fabulous duo Eddy and Patsy, oh no. Instead the pair are planning on celebrating the global event in their own hilarious way with a special episode of Ab Fab to air on July 23. The episode will also feature guest appearances by Stella McCartney, Dame Kelly Holmes and Dame Tanni Grey Thompson.

The storyline centres around Eddy who has rented her London home to a Hollywood A-lister and has seemed to forgotten that the Olympics are taking place. In spite of this, Eddy and Patsy end up running a marathon inside the Olympic stadium which leads to them crashing a celebrity reception at the same time. Of course there are no doubt a heap of other funny moments to look forward to including Patsy lighting the Olympic torch with her cigarette!

The special 30 minute Olympic-themed episode of Ab Fab will air on BBC One on Monday July 23 at 9.30pm. Don't miss this funny sneak peek at the episode below...