giselebundchen_tombrady_expecting.jpgThe Gisele Bundchen pregnant rumours have all but been officially confirmed, according to the latest news doing the rounds. US Weekly is reporting that the Brazilian supermodel is definitely expecting her second child.

"Yes, she is pregnant," a source told the magazine. The 31-year-old is apparently "three months" along and her and husband Tom Brady are "really happy!"

While neither Gisele or Tom have confirmed the news, the blogosphere is predicting she is due in October. How do they know these things? Those clever, sneaky bloggers. Despite this, magazines say that Gisele is showing barely any sign of a baby bump. While recently pushing her two-year-old son, Benjamin, around Boston park she offered the paparazzi a glimpse of a tiny somethin' somethin' but with a Victoria's Secret Angel like her, it could simply be a food baby not an actual baby.

Of course Gisele has made no secret of the fact that she wants more children. "I want more kids for sure, but I don't know when," she told British Vogue, adding that "I have my hands full" with Benjamin and her stepson Jack.

"For Benjamin, his big brother is his hero," she said. "Jack comes in and Benjamin has a big smile. He wants to follow him around. Anything he does, he's just in awe of him like, 'Oh my God!'"

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