Trappola di Venere 1.jpg

Italian luxury corsetry designer Sara Romoli will be making her designs available to a wider audience this summer through a shopping section on her Web site

Made in Italy, the collection uses materials like Italian leather, satin and jacquard and is inspired by "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli.

"Like Botticelli's vision of a beautiful and alluring woman brought to life in the modern day, our collection embraces every woman's body with European style and sophistication," Romoli told WWD. "The centerpieces of the collection are one-of-a-kind fashion corsets, but the essence of the line is Italian-made garments of the highest quality and materials designed to enhance and celebrate femininity in each phase of a woman's life. Part of the collection also consists of leather pants, skirts and belts."


Two of my favorite pieces in the collection are the Aphrodite corset, left, which features genuine rooster feathers and the Tulle Top, right, which can be combined with any corset and is worn with the Maia Corset in the photo.

But since retail prices will range from Retail prices will range from £400 to £800, I think this collection will remain fantasy for many.