This weekend Rihanna caused quite a stir at Hackney Weekend. She surprised crowds on day two by joining Jay-Z for a duet of Run This Town. She was not slotted to headline the festival until Sunday, but fans were excited for the extra Ri-Ri. For this performance she wore a glam outfit consisting of black shorts and crop top, long straight hair, black jacket, hat and sunnies, natch.

But for her headlining performance she took a few more risks with lots of layering. An oversized, gold embellished leather jacket was worn over a graphic tiger-print tee - meaning both tiger-stripe-print and graphics of actual tigers. She paired this combo with a chunky gold collar necklace, gold-embellished sunglasses and fishnet bike shorts. Is this the reverse thigh high? Rihanna has been lamenting how tiny she's gotten so maybe she figured this it the time to take risks with fashion items that might not look flattering on a chunkier figure - not that that usually stops her.

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