jimmy choo tamara mellon CBE.jpgI would normally leave this type of news to Shoewawa but being Tamara Mellon, former founder of Jimmy Choo, I just had to share. Following rumours which started back November last year during the time she left Jimmy Choo, it really looks like Mellon is set to launch her own shoe line.

The 44-year-old designer is aiming to launch her eponymous line of shoes next year. Sources close to Tamara say that she is at the final stages of her collection which she has been busy sketching designs for.

"The idea is that the line will simply be called Tamara Mellon and she's working on designs at the moment," says a source. "She has the concept all worked out and the idea is that she will be opening stand-alone shops. She's really at a very advanced stage with the project."

Mellon sold her stake in Jimmy Choo to Australian luxury goods company, Labelux for £85 million. No doubt her own namesake label will be a killer success just like her founding label.

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