Today's fashion student spotlight is the immensely talented De Montfort University graduate Stephanie Tangen. Stephanie studied for a BA (Hons) in Contour Fashion, a unique degree that focuses on lingerie, loungewear, corsetry, sportswear and swimwear - essentially structured clothing for the contours of the body.

For her graduate collection, Stephanie looked to Northern Europe, producing an ethereal, romantic lingerie range with a dark edge. She says of the designs,

"My collection "Cynosure" is based on the ethereal Norwegian landscapes, with the print developed from my own explorations and photographs, with hand embroidery creeping over amongst frosted beading and steel structures that flower across the body."

You can see a gallery of her work by clicking above. We're always particularly impressed with the amount of technical knowledge that contour fashion students have - these items not only have to look beautiful, they have to provide support and shape. A bra is constructed from dozens of tiny pieces and take a lot of work - so putting together a collection this intricate is a huge feat. There's no room for error - no amount of draping or pinning will hide a badly made piece of lingerie - but we think you'll agree these pieces are successful!

To find out more about the Contour Fashion degree, see De Montfort's video below.

If you'd like to be a featured student, click here for information on how to submit your work like Stephanie did.