Not everyone likes wearing a bikini. Whether you're body conscious or just concerned about protecting your modesty, the return of the swimsuit as a stylish swimwear choice for women of all ages has been a blessing for so many of us.

No longer will your friends look at you with derision if you're in a polka dot one-piece rather than a skimpy triangle bikini. It's much easier than ever to find nice swimsuits in high street stores than it was five years ago. So if you fancy covering your tummy, rest assured you won't have to do so in a frumpy grandma style - though some of those old-fashioned looks are actually quite cool right now!

From frilled fifties styles to chic bandeaus, graphic prints and cup-sized styles for bigger busts, we've put together a gallery of some of our favourite swimsuits available online now. Hopefully you'll find your perfect beach piece in this little list!

Click the image at the top to view the gallery - shopping links can be found below each image.