Kohl's has added Narciso Rodriguez to the list of top fashion names to design for the mass retailer. Rodriguez, known to dress Claire Danes with whom he is pictured, above, Julianna Margulies and Michelle Obama, joins talent like Vera Wang in working with the store.

There will be a limited-run capsule collection which is expected to serve as the kickoff for a series of such collaborations at Kohl's this fall. That gives me hope that we can anticipate a holiday range. Price points at the retailer for designer collabos tend to be around $50 to $150 for special pieces. We'll see if that price structure stands for the Rodriguez collection.

It's interesting how Kohl's tends to choose very minimalist designers to work with, rather than names whose flashy styles might be more recognizable. Rodriquez is known for body-conscious pieces with impeccable cut, which are notoriously difficult to replicate for the non-fashion masses. But just tell them Michelle Obama wears him and they'll eat it up! Her Rodriguez dress on election night is one of the most iconic of her reign as First Lady, and surely one of the most iconic of his career. It came at a time when the first lady was being criticized for not wearing enough American or minority designers.

Other collaborations the store is known for include Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez and American Idol.