Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke tattoo design

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog (bless you!) will be familiar with Jean Paul Gaultier's previous work for Diet Coke = creepy, and creepier. Well the French designer is back again with a third go at the fizzy drink bottle which comprises of a rather risqué design. For his latest set of limited edition bottles, Gaultier has created a tattoo design in a corset shape. The conical style of bra is eerily similar to Madonna's iconic cone bra from her 'Vogue' days, which incidentally was also designed by Gaultier. Funnily enough, he also just happens to be one of a select group of well-known designers to create costumes for Madonna's current MDNA tour, you can scope out the sketches here.

The first two sets of limited edition bottles by Gaultier were inspired by day and night, and featured his Breton stripes and lacy lingerie. His previous ad campaign to promote the bottles included some seriously scary marionettes. Feel free to read about my aversion to this particular campaign wholly because it starred puppets here.

Jean Paul Gaultier took up the role as creative director of Diet Coke in Europe in March earlier this year. This new gig involved him designing bottles for the soft drink brand as well as a series of uber-weird short films which can be viewed on the company's YouTube channel here.