Edwina McCann Vogue Australia editor

Okay, so I realise this isn't exactly ground breaking news, but it is interesting to hear it from the horse's mouth for a change. Newly-appointed Vogue Australia editor, Edwina McCann, has confirmed all of our suspicions which is that Vogue editors really do get treated differently to others. McCann, who was up until recently at Harper's Bazaar Australia, has spoken for the first time about what it's like to step into the shoes as a Vogue editor.

"I'd love to say no [the way people treat me hasn't changed], but I have to say yes! Which is kind of ridiculous and quite funny, as I'm not that type of person," Edwina told Pedestrian.tv.

McCann recently took over the reins at Vogue Australia after Kirstie Clements was axed from the role last month. She was poached from her previous position as editor at the Aussie edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine.

"I do think that there's almost a mystique around the position, I have felt an incredible responsibility to live up to that. I've had to go and completely re-buy my dog walking gear, which is ridiculous. I've never felt that pressure before."

Gosh, who knew that becoming the big boss lady at Vogue also means you have to part with those old dog walking trackies for something a little more chic?! I wonder whether Anna Wintour ever has this same issue?