Sarah Jessica Parker Victoria Beckham fashion line rumour

WOW could this really be true?! The buzz about town at the moment is that Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham could be teaming up for a fashion line. Three months ago, rumours were circulating that SJP was plotting a return to fashion by creating her own collection, but then there has been no news until now. Grazia UK is reporting that the Sex and the City star has collaborated with Beckham on her very own line. Apparently the two are in secret talks to create a fashion line aimed at women of all ages. Of course it's just rumour at this stage and in all honesty quite unlikely with Beckham super busy working on her own fashion empire and doing promotional appearances for the new Spice Girls stage musical, Viva Forever!, announced earlier this week.

This doesn't mean it isn't a possibility. Posh Spice has previously spoken of her affection for SJP back in 2010. "I'm so Sarah Jessica Parker," she said. "I just am. I have dressed her a couple of times and I have met her."

Parker broke away from her role as president and chief creative officer at Halston mid last year during a "complicated" period for the fashion business.

"Really the business was being taken in a direction I wasn't interested in pursuing," she said back in March. "That's why Harvey [Weinstein] and I decided to leave the company. I don't regret my time there. I feel honoured to have worked there - even if only for a brief time. Halston was an amazing experience, and I'm really proud of what I got to do there and of the people I got to work with."

"I don't think my brief tenure [at Halston] would be called an exploration," she added. "I learned an enormous amount, it was invaluable, and I'm definitely curious about pursuing it, and we'll see. I'm sort of figuring that out right now, actually, as we speak."

So a début fashion line for SJP could just be on the cards after al.