Last week, we were lucky enough to wiggle ourselves onto the front row of Manchester School of Art's graduate fashion show where we were greeted with an assortment of fashion savvy talents. Each collection was alive with equal colour, print, humour and sheer quality of already established British designers. One thing we learnt pretty quickly was that these guys were pretty darn talented.


To set a very high bar Gareth Pugh style, we were introduced to the wonderful works of Jousianne Propp. Inspired by dissecting bodies, she set the scene with gothic skeletal creations and a very on-trend neon twist.

Along came a dash of Henry Holland quirkiness as Francesca Quinn's creations took to the catwalk; mixing outrageous colours, iconic prints and a variety of furs and fabrics, Quinn proved that playful can be powerful. Kudos to the great styling; pairing her pieces with Topshop's famous perspex heels went down a storm.


The real stars of the show that caught our eye with Holly Fulton-esque digital prints, have to be handed to Roz Lamkin and Hannah Bellamy. Lamkin's trompe l'oeil inspired pieces rocked architectural shapes and mirrored prints, whilst Bellamy's digital prints and flowing fabrics floated down the runway with show-stopping effect. We were mesmerised by her use of layering; think pretty prints overlayed with plastic film, very Christopher Kane. We secretly wish the two may even collaborate to make a dreamy combination, not the mention how successfully we could see them translate onto the high street. We've got our fingers and toes crossed for you ladies (and us)!

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