Remember Misha B? She's the really good one who didn't win X Factor last year because the great british public chose that other winner who, six months on, we can't remember (we're kidding, it was Little Mix).

Aaanyway, Misha now has a record deal, a new single and a new look. Sort of.

She's lost a bit of weight and been freed of the X Factor stylists, but given that Misha always pushed through her own style even on the show, there's still plenty of that attitude and devotion to short hemlines, tight trousers and statement prints that we saw during the finals.

One of the items she sports in the Home Run video is a pair of cross print skinny jeans from MissGuided.co.uk, and they've just gone into the sale. You can get Misha's look for £27.99 (sizes 6 - 14).

And here's the (surprisingly good) single for you, if you want to see how Misha rocks the look...