I get it, it is difficult to dress your pregnant body. I can only imagine how much harder it is for lucky ladies like Anna Faris who are used to being super thin and looking great in everything. But, there's something celebrities have that we normals don't - more resources and stylists. I normally applaud celebrities who forego stylists, even if it means a misstep once in a while. Because hey, one girl's misstep is another girl's favorite outfit. We've gotta allow for that. But Anna Faris looks super awks here on the red carpet for the Samsung Mobile launch party for the Galaxy S III, and not comfortable in her own skin. Even if you usually dress yourself, perhaps pregnancy is the time to enlist a professional.

This green jersey knit dress looks like it would be kind of space-agey and hard to pull off even when not pregnant, the fabric looks cheap in photographs. Her blunt bob, styled with severe straight hair, doesn't really help. Perhaps some curls would have paired nicely with her pregnancy curves. I definitely think Faris' figure would look banging in one of those body-concious pregnancy dresses only the truly blessed can pull off. This is just not the one.

While she may not have looked her best on the outside, she is thankfully doing well on the inside! She revealed that she's having a baby boy with boyfriend Chris Pratt and that the little one is doing well.