It is starting to seem like Kim Kardashian has a copycat obsession with Victoria's Secret models. Or perhaps it's her new boyfriend Kanye West is the one with a penchant for Angels? It's pretty widely agreed that Kanye is highly influencing Kimmy K's fashion choices of late. First she was seen in a Stella McCartney dress first worn by Miranda Kerr. Now she donned the striking Balmain resort creation that Alessandra Ambrosio wore to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show viewing party in November.

Alessandra (who is probably already back into Balmain shape after giving birth to a baby boy earlier this month knowing models) wore the dress with nude heels and a clutch as you can see above, left. This understated approach to accessories is advisable considering how busy the dress is. Gold and white and embellished on every available swath of fabric, the super low cut and vaguely western mini makes a big fashion statement.

Kim is definitely known for big ... statements. She toned down the neckline quite a bit when she wore the geometric-print dress above at right with West. But the boots. Hmm. From afar they give the impression of cowboy boots and make the outfit look a little too theme. But they are actually satin button up heeled boots, which aren't really that much better.