Designer Elie Saab has released a new short film entitled Balade a Paris to announce the arrival of the pre-fall collection in stores. I love this idea for two reasons.

A beautifully shot short film like this, with close ups of dress details and fabrics, is an excellent way for fans and customers to get an intimate look at the pieces that is usually reserved for editors. While even film can't capture every nuance, this one in particular is so artfully shot as to show off the construction and craftsmanship beautifully. You can get some of the movement of a piece in your usual runway video, but not with adequate lighting and camera angles to best show off each item, the way this film does.

I also like a video for pre-fall or resort because those seasons are often a bit underserved editorially and in the press, while they're some of the first clothes out of the gate each season. (After all, it's June and this pre-fall collection is in stores. The mind boggles.) These are pieces that unless you visit a store you might not get a good look at, and they truly deserve it.

Highlights include jet-beaded and red-sequined eveningwear, lace and jewel details on day dresses and a beautiful red full-length dress that appears to perhaps be a light wool, with cutouts revealing elegant lace panels underneath. I hope we see some of the sequined evening gowns on the red carpet ASAP.