It's that time of year again when overworked soon-to-be textiles graduates can put down their glue guns and knitting needles and indulge in freedom after months of battling through their final year. Last week they celebrated at the prestigious Central Saint Martins and we took to the famous King's Cross campus to admire the outcome of their hours of empty red bull cans, sore fingers and tiresome tears.

Kate Alyce Richardson's 'To Attract, Protect and Destoy' was first to catch our eye with her painstakingly perfect weave work; in particular her must-see subtle animal print with a twist of sky blue. Unsurprisingly, days after the exhibition opened, she was snapped with a job with a design house in Italy; we look forward to seeing where this takes her. Agathe Gits's 'A Really French Affair' was next to warm our hearts with Parisian patisserie prints that wouldn't look out of place at Liberty. Rumour has it she's a Hermès fashion house favourite and we can see why! Next in line to wow us was Susan Campbell's sportwear under the title, 'Status Update' offering geometric shaped neoprene with an in-layed pattern; this created the illusion of a single layer when in reality, there were thousands of tiny pieces that only the patience of a saint could put together. Check out the intricate process she went through to achieve the look here. Karis Knight kept the laser-cut theme going, this time with a tribal feel through carefully carved intricate detailing; we loved the added touch of fluro jewels.

Moving onto knit, Azusa Dannohara introduced us to perfectly precise, colourful knitwear under the name 'Witch Doctor's Magic Spell', her work is quite definitely magical all right. In the spirit of knitwear, Stacey McGonigal's 'I Got Shit On My Mind' hip hop knitwear was outlandish, eccentric and refreshing just like the girl behind it with her lengthy ginger locks hanging to her waist. We even spotted M.I.A. picking up one of her business cards.. so perhaps we'll see Stacey's designs feature in her next outrageous video?

Sparkling it's way to the top and our personal highlight of the night had to be Emma Whitworth's 'Contemporary Classicalism'; leathered and tasselled loveliness, twisting blue hues and grey tones with neon green thrown in for good measure. Emma took us around the exhibition and went out of her way to praise her peers, being admirably modest and ignoring her own incredible talent which made the pieces just that bit more special.

All of the talent, not just at the textiles show but throughout, the CSM graduate exhibition lived up to and beyond expectations and we wish all the best to the accomplished graduates.

Check out the gallery above and get ready to be bowled over by some of CSM's talented textile ladies. You only have one more day to catch the exhibition, tomorrow between 12pm-6pm. Miss work if you must, you'd be a fool not to! Details here.

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