It wasn't the usual Kate-Hudson-Liv-Tyler crowd to attend the annual spring garden party thrown by Stella McCartney. Instead the British designer was joined by Anne Hathaway, Solange Knowles, Jim Carrey, Lauren Hutton and Emily Mortimer. And instead of the usual lovely New York garden surroundings, McCartney chose the 19th-century Marble Cemetery in the East Village for her Resort 2013 presentation.

"I wanted to inject the collection with optimism," McCartney told WWD. "When spring comes, it's a hopeful time of year and everything starts over."

Amongst the festivities - the dancing, blowing bubbles and sipping cocktails from jars - were some colourful, playful clothing. McCartney's collection comprised of patchwork sweaters, leopard print, plaid, pleated skirts, cricket jumpers and floral dresses. There was a definite 1960s/70s vibe to this collection thanks to bell-bottom trousers, capri pants, pin-stripe tuxedo jackets, and button-up shirts.