In case you didn't all ready hear, Victoria's Secret is bound for London. The American lingerie giant is preparing to open its first UK store in time for the London Olympics.

According to reports, the launch of the Victoria's Secret store on London's Bond Street is set to coincide with the start of the Olympics. In fact it will open its doors just two days before the global sporting event. Its second store will open at Westfield Stratford just one day later.

The lingerie company is just one of many high-profile openings set for the summer as retailers swoop in to take full advantage of the tourism boost the Olympics is expected to generate. Victoria Secret has planned a 16,500 sq ft space which will cover three floors of the Bond Street building. It will be located on the corner of Brook Street which once occupied Pringle of Scotland.

As recently blogged, Liberty is also set to open a second store in the form of a pop-up-shop in Westfield Stratford just in time for the Olympic crowds to arrive. Oscar de la Renta is another US name who has decided to open his first UK store in London's Mount Street.

Word on the street is the Victoria's Secret is planning a very big, swish-o event which will include the VS Angels arriving by a special customised pink plane. Oh pretty please...