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As the countdown continues towards the London 2012 Olympics we get another look at what the athletes will be wearing while they're off the field/track/pool. In addition to the official uniforms designed by Stella McCartney and Adidas which weren't exactly a hit, high street retailer Next has also gotten in on the action by creating a range of formalwear for Team GB.

The mostly navy attire will be worn by athletes from Team GB and Paralympics GB for those moments when they will meet-and-greet, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Similar to the other uniforms the results aren't exactly wowing me. Modelled by members from Team GB, men will wear a navy three-piece-suit which has been lined with "breathable" mesh panels. A replica will be available for £220 from 31 Next stores as of May 19.

For the women's looks, they are slightly more chic comprising of a sleeveless cowl-neck top emblazoned with a giant gold Union Cross (hello Geri Halliwell!), a blazer, a pair of low rounded heels, and a dress made from a special bonded jersey which is also used to create performance swimwear. While this makes it too expensive to replicate for the mass market, Olympic fans should like the cute Union Jack embellished clutch which will retail for £25 - a nice keepsake, perhaps?

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What do you think of these latest designs for Team GB to wear at the 2012 Olympic Games?

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