LOUISVUITTONKUSAMA2012.jpgFor me personally, one of the most exciting collaborations this year won't be between a designer and a high street store, but between one of the most luxurious brands in the world and a pioneering 82-year-old woman. Louis Vuitton has announced that it will be working with non other than Yayoi Kusama, a world-renowned Japanese artist who is obsessed with polka dots and can currently be found exhibiting at London's Tate Modern. The news will come as a surprise to few, as there have been subtle remarks and rumours in the air for a while - Louis Vuitton even financially supported the artist's retrospective at the Tate.

Whilst this isn't the first time that Creative Director Marc Jacobs has paired up with an artist, Kusama is the first female to fit the bill. In an interview with Jacobs, which appears on Louis Vuitton's newest corner of the web, aptly named 'Infinitely Kusama', the designer describes the first time he met Yayoi back in 2006. Encountering her in Tokyo, Jacobs recalls sitting with her for a while, and as the creative couple talked about their passion for life and for work, she pulled out a Louis Vuitton Speedy which she hand painted herself, and presented it to him.


As Jacobs describes her energy as "endless" it's clear that he admires her work, and he admits that he and his team "readily embraced" Kusama as they brainstormed ideas for the collection, which will be unveiled on July 10th this year. The range will consist of "terrific shoes" (Jacobs words, not mine!) bathing suits, jewellery, easy to wear silk dresses, knitwear, a small accessory charm, and some incredible sounding trench coats, including a bonded cotton number with Kusama's polka dots over the infamous LV monogram, and a plastic trench featuring hand painted spots. I absolutely adore the way Jacobs talks about his newest co-worker, and the way he describes both the Louis Vuitton monogram and Kusama's spots as "endless, timeless, and forever" - I've no doubt that this will be one of Louis Vuitton's most dynamic and animated collaborations to date!

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