LADYGAGAMEATDRESS2012.jpgLady Gaga has worn another meat dress...only this time, it's one I can get on board with!
Back in 2010 we were left questioning Gaga's sanity/genius when she rocked up to the VMA's in a now infamous outfit constructed entirely from meat. Whilst there's no doubting that the original dress certainly had its fashion 'moment' (it was all anybody talked about during the awards ceremony, it earned a place at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, and will even be featured on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons) I much prefer the reworked version, don't you? The 'mother monster' tweeted this photo of herself on stage during the Tokyo leg of her Born This Way Tour yesterday, as she pretended to hang from a meat hook alongside giant plastic carcasses. Just a normal day at the office I guess...

The 26-year-old actually looked relatively 'normal' in the updated version of her most controversial dress, which featured a structured skirt and corset style sweetheart bust. It looks as though her ankle boots were also given the meat treatment. Gaga's merch team have even given a set of plasters a meat-over, which the singer tweeted about a few weeks ago, telling fans, "Just in case you fall and scrape your monster knee! I'll be there :) I love you, you bandage me up when I need it! Xox"

Is it wrong that I adore them?


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