KRISTENANDKIRSTEN2012.jpgKristen Stewart joined fellow actress Kirsten Dunst for a photo call at the 65th Cannes Film Festival this morning to promote the movie, 'On The Road'. As I try my best not to mix up Kristen and Kirsten's names, can someone please tell me why Kristen decided to wear a vest that looks like it's been slept in? I know the pyjama trend is hot right now and you're tired from promoting Snow White and the Huntsman, but really K-Stew...

Whilst the girls share quite a similar off duty look of skinny jeans, basic vests and shades, they couldn't have looked more different as they giggled their way through the shoot today. Kristen stayed true to her laid back style and opted for a simple yet chic look as Kirsten dolled up in a beautiful dress and heels combo. Usually Kirsten's outfit would be borderline overkill for a photo call, but it's Cannes and anything goes! Aside from her recent attendance at the Met Gala, Kirsten Dunst had been off my radar for a while, so it was nice to see her looking as beautiful as ever in a flawless laser cut dress from D&G and Charlotte Olympia heels. The almost pearlescent dress looked unbelievable in the morning light, and when I eventually managed to take my eyes off all that intricate detailing, I fell in love with the D&G embellished floral headband peaking out from her pinned hair. I can't wait to see what she wears for the premiere, can you?


Now I'm not going to be too harsh on poor Kristen Stewart as she looks as though she needs to catch up on some sleep before hitting the premiere later on. To be honest, I like the whole outfit apart from the ill-fitting vest. I'm not crazy about the ankle splits in the Balenciaga trousers, but the cigarette style cut really suits her figure and I adore the all over print and contrasting black waistband. The one thing I will say about Kristen is that she looked incredibly comfortable and relaxed - perhaps it had something to do with outfit, perhaps it was having Miss Dunst by her side, or perhaps it was down to the sunglasses she had to hand to cover her eyes. Either way, it's nice to see her 'working' the press - I've got my fingers crossed for the red carpet!

If you want to get your hands on Kristen's trousers, you can - they're available from the Balenciaga website for £545.