Kelly Brook gave her fans a sneak peek into her designer wardrobe yesterday as she decided on outfits to take to the 65th Cannes Film Festival. The 32-year-old underwear model/actress (who currently stars in comedy horror, Pirahanna 3D) tweeted a number of photos during a fitting with her stylist, and after trying on nine different looks, announced "Too many choices...taking it all." As well as revealing what she would be taking with her to the infamous festival, Kelly also shared a photo of her packing on instagram, featuring some enviable Louis Vuitton luggage, a gorgeous red trunk bursting with items, and a pair of red Roger Vivier heels. So, let's take a look shall we?

KELLYBROOKCANNES1.jpgFirst up, a couple of floral pieces, which make for suitable daytime looks, and a simple black and sheer dress with pearls. Whilst I'm not a big fan of the jumpsuit, I love the two dresses - the on-trend 50's style tropical print dress is called 'Victorine' comes from Dannii Minogue's Project D collection, and it looks absolutely beautiful on Kelly. I want those gorgeous pink patent shoes too! The underwear model (and her stylist) certainly knows how to dress Kelly's curves, and the black pleated dress with sheer panelling sits perfectly on her. The only items I'm not overly fond of are the clutch bags - none of them stand out for me.

KELLYBROOKCANNES2.jpgNext on Kelly's list, dresses which I'm presuming we'll see either on the red carpet or at a dinner or two. All of these gowns suit Kelly's figure and skin tone, but I'm still not feeling the accessories. I'll be interested to see what shoes the model pairs with the shimmering green bandeau dress - she obviously found it hard to decide! My favourite heels are the gold strappy pair that Kelly tried with the mustard coloured dress, and in my opinion, they'd look great worn with all three of these outfits. What do you think?

KELLYBROOKCANNES3.jpgLast but not least, a very mixed bag of looks. I have to be honest - I really don't like the first dress, but I can see where she's tried to go with it. The cute 50's style suits Kelly, and I love all the elements of the outfit (from the bejewelled bag and earrings, to the mint green cardigan which frames Kelly's 'assets' nicely) but the dropped prairy skirt does nothing for her. Moving on, the palatzo pants and black blouse combo - initially I didn't like this look either, but it has grown on me...a little. Whilst Kelly is one of the only women in the world who can pull off this style of trouser, I think the stripes/fade to black at the bottom lets the look down. Finally we come to the wow factor dress, and thankfully it is stunning. I really hope Kelly wears this number (another from Project D!) on the red carpet at Cannes - I think it will look amazing shining in the sun.

Which of Kelly's outfits is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!