PARISHILTON2012.jpgIf you're an actress/clothing designer married to a millionaire hotel owner, who do you get to model your new line of dresses? Your two celebrity daughters of course! Kathy Hilton (mother of Nicky and Paris Hilton, obviously) celebrated the launch of her new range at Nordstorm with an 'intimate' family fashion show at her home in Bel Air, and a more public display at LA hotspot, The Grove. We're used to seeing party girl Paris in more revealing outfits, so I was slightly taken back when I saw this photo of her looking, well, NICE! The 31 year old looked flirty and angelic modelling a knee length white dress fresh from her mothers collection which she teamed with a pair of nude Louboutins, whilst Kathy looked youthful yet demure in a pale pink maxi dress featuring beaded details and a frill trim.


Kathy's website states that the celebrity Mum is "aware that today's women need stylish clothing at down to earth prices" and that her collection will "allow women searching for a glamorous 'special occasion' dress, long, short or in-between, to find something unique for their lifestyles, without breaking the bank. I have always wanted to reach these women, and with this Collection, I believe we have."

After a little digging, I discovered that the dress Paris is wearing will set you back $495 - not exactly the bank friendly price I was looking for, but I suppose to the Hilton family, it is. Although the designs aren't exactly groundbreaking, they are pretty occasionwear pieces, and will no doubt be popular amongst the LA fashion set. It's nice to see socialite Paris supporting her Mum's fashion line, and she's clearly not the only fan. Kathy's collection will soon be available at Saks, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.