Oh look, Kanye West has been ranting all over twitter again! The subject this time? His fashion don'ts. The rapper/designer/rumoured boyfriend of Kim Kardashian took to the social network to voice his opinions on offending fashion trends, whole outfits and singular garments he saw as he drove through New York City over the weekend. Kanye, who is reportedly "obsessed with the female shape", has tried (and failed) on more than one occasion to impress the fashion world with his designs at Paris Fashion Week, but apparently still thinks his opinions on style count to his 7.4 million followers. In the space of just 5 blocks, the Gold Digger singer (who recently collaborated with fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben and photographer Nick Knight to create a film for his new single) hated on hoodies, 'off brand' work out sneakers and my personal favourite - big ass striped scarves.


As much as I dislike Kanye for his immovable attitude, I must admit, I'd love to hear his uncensored thoughts on some of the dresses at this years Met Gala. Wouldn't you?