Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.jpgOoh I do love me some juicy celebrity gossip and an odd one at that! Fresh off the grapevine comes reports that Brad Pitt has been tapped as the next new face of Chanel No.5 - yep, as in the iconic fragrance for women, not men.

E! Online is claiming that the Hollywood heart-throb has been cast in a new campaign to promote Chanel's signature scent. If true the partnership will make him the first-ever male spokesperson for the scent in its 91-year history. That's pretty major! Of course a deal like this certainly doesn't come cheap. For Mr Pitt a contract of this magnitude is rumoured to be worth somewhere around the seven-figure-sum mark. As I said - it's major.

While neither Pitt or Chanel have confirmed the whispers, E! Online is also reporting that the actor will shoot the campaign next week in London! It is believed that he, his new fiancée Angelina Jolie and their six rugrats have set up home in the British capital not only to shoot the campaign but for other filming commitments as well. 

Chanel have always had a thing for recruiting big-name celebs to front their Chanel No.5 campaigns. Previous ambassadors include Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou.

I cannot wait to hear what the lovely ladies over at Kiss and Makeup will think of this one! More importantly what do you make of it all? Do you think Brad would be the ideal Chanel No.5 spokesperson or is the whole thing just a ridiculous concept?