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With a long history of going against the grain behind, it is perhaps best to expect the unexpected when it comes to Helena Bonham Carter. That is why is isn't a surprise to see her don an oversized swan headpiece for a new photo shoot for Interview magazine. Wearing nothing else, the 45-year-old actress has gone topless for the new issue.

Inside the magazine Helena has been interviewed by Daniel Radcliffe about her long-term relationship with film director Tim Burton with which she has two children, Billy, 8, and Nell, 4.

"We're not [married], actually. Not through any kind of... Through laziness, really," she said.

The couple who famously live in separate houses, aren't legally married but maintain that their relationship is serious. "Our houses are married. It is very good to have. You definitely need your space," she added.

After working on seven movies together, Helena insists she would be "insane" to turn down any future roles from Tim because he thinks she is a "genius." There are also practical reasons for the couple to work regularly together.

"It makes sense for me. I've got two children with the man. It doesn't make any sense to be going around the other side of the world and doing some other thing. It's Tim Burton. He's a genius. You can't turn him down just because you go out with him and have two children together. It would be insane. It would be positively wrong, and stupid."

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