WILLIAMVINTAGEROBBERY.jpgIt is with incredible sadness that I have to say this: Catwalk Queen's favourite vintage store, WilliamVintage has been burgled. In a devastating robbery last night, thieves ram-raided the beautiful store, smashing the shop front, leaving a trail of destruction behind them, and stealing one of a kind stock worth tens of thousands of pounds. In this despicable attack, the aggressive thieves have not only caused damage to a very special store, but have left business owner, William Banks-Blaney understandably heartbroken. The founder of WilliamVintage tweeted throughout the evening, offering a £2000 reward for any information and sharing photos of the stolen pieces, as he and his team worked all night to clear the damage, determined to honour their 9am appointment this morning.

So far William has released 7 images and descriptions of some of the stock that was taken, which we hope our readers will keep an eye out for. The list includes a 1971 Givency haute couture coat, a 1961 Dior haute couture 2 piece, a 1965 Berrard coat, a 1975 Halston haute couture silk organza shirt, a 1973 Dior haute couture silk gazar cape, a 1978 Yves Saint Laurent silk skirt, and a 1968 Courreges haute couture mini dress.


Located at the heart of London's Marylebone, WilliamVintage boasted museum-quality couture and vast amounts of collectable pieces, which William travelled the world to find. Whilst we feel for any company who falls victim to a robbery, vintage theft is the lowest of the low in our eyes - unlike bigger brands which can re-order stock and make up the costs elsewhere, specialist stores like William's cannot hope to replicate their unique treasures. We don't want these irreplaceable items to be gone forever, and we want to ensure that the people responsible are caught. Both 'This Is England' actress Vicki McClure and presenter/writer Dawn Porter have been showing their support via twitter, and you can do the same. To find out more about the incident, to give information, or to send William your thoughts, use the hash tag #williamvintagerobbery on Twitter, leave comments on the WilliamVintage Facebook page, or get in touch via the WilliamVintage website.