ZOOEY500DAYS1.jpgCatwalk Queens, I have something to confess to you all - I have more than a little bit of a style crush on Zooey Deschanel. My love affair with Zooey's covetable wardrobe has slowly been gathering speed ever since she appeared in Elf back in 2003, picking up when she dyed her hair brown for Failure To Launch, and snowballing after her leading roles in 500 Days of Summer and smash hit TV series, New Girl.

Zooey's girl-next-door style is as infectious as her quirky personality; it's feminine and unapologetic with a pretty, preppy edge. Her love for cute accessories and retro clothes is not only noticeable is her everyday wardrobe and red carpet looks, but also in her work. After finding out that New Girl costume designer Debra McGuire and Zooey were "on the same wavelength" when it came to dressing like a "mix of Crayola crayons", my obsession was well and truly sealed - as a poster girl for chic geeks everywhere, she balances fashion with fun, providing designers, stylists and fashion writers everywhere with a breath of fresh air.

As well obsessing over the cute and colourful teacher, Jessica Day in New Girl, Zooey also gives me a serious case of wardrobe envy in the anti-romantic comedy, 500 Days of Summer, in which she stars alongside long-term friend (and long term hottie) Joseph Gordon Levitt. Her beautiful and enchanting outfits were styled by costume designer, Hope Hanafin, who concentrated on the colour blue in various shades, mixing unique retro items with simple, classic cut pieces. Unfortunately many of the most wanted pieces in the movie are vintage, including the stunning dress she wears on the rooftop (if you haven't seen the movie, don't worry, there are no spoilers in this post) but never fear - I've found something I think rivals it.

ZOOEYDRESSANTO.jpgThe minute I saw this flared dress in Anthropologie, Zooey popped into my mind. Ok so it isn't a halter neck like the one in the movie, and it doesn't feature any illustrated feathers, but I just couldn't get the colour scheme out of my mind. I think Zooey would look stunning in this feminine mid-length dress, which cinches in at the waist and details a tie at the neck, which looks adorable finished in a bow (wear your hair up a'la Zooey to show it off). It would make for the perfect wedding guest outfit, or summer BBQ dress, don't you think?

Annabelle flared dress from Anthropologie from Maple by Some Odd Rubies £158