Paloma Faith.jpg

It took looking over several pictures for me to figure out what Paloma Faith was actually wearing in this photo, taken out and about in Notting Hill. I'm still not sure. I think it's all a one-piece romper, but it also appears like the white satin portion could be separate, like a pair of overalls. When it takes this much hypothesizing to suss out what it is you're even wearing, you probably should just take a pass on that particular outfit.

The satin is cinched near the waist with a wide belt, and is worn over a black top with some floral detail at the shoulder. She wore this with what appears to be a pair of clunky black boots, perhaps the only thing that could have made this outfit worse. She also carries a large pastel pink purse.

In some of the pictures she's screwing up her face while on the cell phone, perhaps saying "Mum? Not sure I should have left the house in this outfit."

Actually, I'm pretty sure Paloma has better things on her mind - her second album Fall to Grace is currently outselling Scissor Sisters' new effort Magic Hour, which is presently at Number Three, and Take That's Gary Barlow's Commonwealth Band and their Sing album, which is currently Number Two, according to NME. Sounds like a number one hit!