Before you get all in a huff over me picking on the lovely Freida Pinto, remember how nice we thought she looked here and here! And consider this: would you let anyone else get away with this dress? I know Freida's charm and warmth almost overcome this dressaster, but I don't think they quite make up for the mixed up Michael Angel frock.

I just don't understand it. The multicolored sequin strapless top is the most offensive, I suppose. This top doesn't do Freida's ultra slim frame any favors, it really just sits there flatly. Which just makes the voluminous, drapy skirt look more out of place.

The skirt is also a bit confusing. Is it supposed to be a riff on the peplum trend? Of course a skinny minny like Freida can afford having vast swath of fabric around her midsection. But as much as I hate the degrading acronym, this dress just makes me think FUPA. (A FUPA Google search is NSFW, nor is it suitable for feminists or people who would like to promote healthy body image.) The back of the skirt is further perplexing. Suffice to say this look does not work for me. Care to disagree? Tell me in the comments!

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