At last night's Celebration of the Arts artists, including designers and their muses, had the pleasure of meeting The Queen as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Giles Deacon accompanied a young lady wearing this swan ensemble.


Is this the literal interpretation of "put a bird on it?" Because I hate to break it to Giles, but that was already a satire. Enough of the swans! I'm just really surprised Deacon would whip this look out, complete with Stephen Jones headpiece, again for a high profile event after it was so prominent in the press after Helena Bonham Carter wore it in Interview Magazine. And don't get me wrong, I loved the look on HBC. How could you not? She's so chic, it was the perfect place for it in an edgy editorial about an eccentric fashion risk taker. But it already seemed referential to the infamous, iconic Marjan Pejoski swan dress Bjork wore to the 2001 Oscars (which incidentally has it's own Wikipedia page). This is just a bit of a tired concept. Especially when executed in such an overly styled look. What made it work in the Bonham Carter shoot was it's casualness and nonchalance. Oh, this old thing? But with all the plumage and the feathers on the dress with the busy print...this does not look worthy of a national celebration of the best in British arts.

If nothing else, there are other birds to be inspired by.