We've spoken many times about the nightmare that is jeans shopping, and while I truly believe I found my perfect pair when I got some expert help back in January, I know a lot of ladies out there are still on the hunt for denim that will do their beautiful bodies justice.

Luckily, help is at hand! Wendy Montgomery is founder of The Raw Denim Bar and a pro at finding the perfect pair of jeans. She's very generously offered to share her tips on the best finds and the things you should look out for when you're shopping (in store or online) to make your jeans hunt that little bit easier.

Wendy writes...

We are all painfully aware of how shopping for a pair of jeans can end in tears, fleeing a dressing room - convinced that the dimpled bum staring back at you cannot possibly be yours!.

The most frustrating thing about denim shopping is the lack of advice. That person in the shop does not know their stock well enough to tell you what works for your body shape, height and style.

My advice is simple.

Seek out the experts

Denim fitting clinics exist in quite a few retailers. If you plan to buy online, find a site like ours, The Raw Denim Bar, which offers free shipping and free returns or even try the Denim Concierge service where stylists and fit experts will determine your unique denim personality and ship to you the perfect pair of jeans. Prefer to find your own jeans? Read denim reviews on blogs dedicated to denim (CQ loves Denimology)


Nothing is worse than a pair of jeans that gape at the waist and share your La Perla's with the world. In a world full of stretch denim, it is very important to try until you find the perfect size. The most important thing with stretch denim is fit on the waist; the bum and hip area will stretch to your shape with wear. Make sure the rise works for your shape - brands now offer low rise, mid rise and high rise. trendS ARE returning to mid and high-rise at the moment. Unsure how they work? Try sitting and bending a bit. When buying online, check the Editor's advice - we always note if the style is running big. Or give us a call, we'll send you a couple sizes to try (for free).

The Rise

DL1961 Emma - mid rise skinny with XFit Lycra will always offer a great fit. Or try DL1961 Nina which offers a High Rise - great for keeping that muffin top under wraps!


The Inseam

Some skinnies just work better for petite women (like Kasil's Minx or WorkCustom's Leggera) whereas I always recommend Kasil's Benatar or Habitual's Audrey Legging for women over 5'8".


Be Willing to Try a New Cut

One of my favorite things about denim is the choice we have. Don't limit yourself to skinnies because "that is what you always wear" but be willing to try a new style. Trousers are on the rise and the flare is sticking around after its revival of last summer. I always smile when someone comes to me asking for a skinny and I ask them to try a DL1961 Melissa Flare (it's the most flattering flare I have ever found) and they are converted. Skinnies are great for versatility but nothing beats a flare or trouser for slimming the hips and elongating legs.


Trust your Gut

If the jeans don't leave you feeling confident and sexy, don't buy them!

Finally, Check the Return Policy

We offer free returns including free return shipping. And we honor our customers if they tell me that a jean doesn't work or it breaks down in quality after a few months of wear. Premium denim is an investment. Make sure it is treated as one!