We have shown what is inside Chloë Sevigny's ah-ma-zing wardrobe, now it's time to check out her too-cool-for-school New York apartment. Located in the uber-trendy East Village, the actress/designer opened up her quarters to NYmag.com.

As one might imagine with Chloë her abode is an incredible mixture of different inspirations and themes including maritime. It is littered with refurbished antiques, art collections, and gifts from ex-boyfriend musician Matt McAuley, such as a framed postcard of Jesus.

"When he moved out, he took all the pictures of us out of the frames and put that one in," she says. "I left it there. It's kind of weird, right? But it's beautiful."

Sevigny recruited antique store owner David Cafiero to help turn her co-op interior into something truly unique. "Everything feels like a perfect little sailboat or a really considered Hudson Valley river house from the nineteenth century."

Don't you just love peeking inside the cribs of famous folk?

[via NYmag.com]