DITTOKARLADELE.jpgBeth Ditto has spoken out against her pal Karl Lagerfeld and his insentive comments about Someone Like You singer, Adele. Gossip's front woman has receieved her own fair share of negative critisism for her figure, but has never let that stop her - in fact the openly gay star has come out on top with a string of successful hits, two collections for Evans, a stint on the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier's SS11 show, numerous fashion party gigs for Fendi and Chanel, one naked magazine cover AND a cosmetics line for MAC. Phew!

We all know that Karl has a little trouble articulating his opinions, but it seems Beth, who has partied with the designer and Kate Moss on multiple occasions, knows him better than most. The Arkansas lady, who is currently penning her autobiography entitled 'Coal to Diamonds', and has previously described meeting the Chanel god as "one of the biggest challenges of her life", told the Evening Standard that "he's just an eccentric designer who makes amazing art but doesn't always say the coolest shit."

Ditto continued, "I don't think Adele would deny that she was fat. And I bet she doesn't. Karl Lagerfeld used to be fat himself, so you gotta think about that. He's obviously not proud of that fact. I also think that people give him way too much power! And...the way I feel about Adele is, I doubt, and I hope, and I'm pretty confident, that she does not think about Karl Lagerfeld, ever. I bet that is the last thing on her mind at night. She's falling asleep on her 85 Grammys and however many millions of albums she's sold and however many millions of pounds that she has, and is just probably thinking, like, "You know what - all right!" 

I love Beth's frank opinions and insight into her friendship with Karl, don't you?