With our friends over at Kiss and Makeup giving us a real insight into the new Beth Ditto for MAC collection, now you can take a glimpse behind-the-scenes at the making of the campaign. The always infections Miss Ditto has teamed up with the cosmetics label to launch a 25-piece collection filled with vibrant shades of nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick.

In addition to launching a cosmetics line, the soon-to-be-married Gossip front woman has also expressed an interest in designing a socially-conscious clothing line. It would follow on the back of her plus-size fashion collection which she launched with Evans in 2009 and 2010. Ditto now claims that the fashion line didn't go as well as planned because she hoped the clothing would be locally made.

"I wish there was more control in that line, but there wasn't. It was really fun, but the things that I really wanted couldn't be turned around in time. It was made in India, which caused a lot of conflict for me," she told New York Magazine. Now she'd like to set her sights on an fair trade clothing range.

"I really want to do my own line that's ethically made, and I can do whatever the f**k I want with it... It wouldn't be crazy designs - it would be simple... Cheap, affordable, basic - but ethically made... for fat girls and boys."