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Agyness Deyn has landed a new film role. She is set to star in a film adaptation of the legendary Scottish novel Sunset Song. She will appear opposite War Horse star Peter Mullan and be directed by British filmmaker Terence Davies.

"When I read the script I fell completely in love with the character and the story, I'm so honoured and excited to be working with Terence, he's such an incredible director," Deyn said. "I can't wait to get started and just hope that I can do Chris Guthrie justice!"

Filming of the 19th century-based adaptation is slated to begin later this year. Set in a poor rural community in north-east Scotland, Sunset Song tells the story of Chris Guthrie (Deyn) and her battle to keep her family together against the odds. Chris must struggle against personal issues as well as social and economic changes ahead of the Great War in a bid to save her family's farm.

The British model is really starting to flex her acting muscle after receiving rave reviews for her role in The Leisure Society, which was recently staged in London's West End.

"It helps in a way that there has been a camera in my face for the last 12 years," she recently said of her acting. "I'm very comfortable with that. I suppose people will always have preconceived ideas of what I might be like because I was a model, but it's something I just don't think about. I just want to do something creative that fulfils me in a new way."