Topshop shorts.jpg

Alright, we're fans of quirky, vintage-looking details, stuff that looks like you might have DIY'd it. But these Topshop MOTO Crochet Hotpants, $68, are kind of extending our definition of quirky.

Crochet is kind of tricky to begin with. It can easily look too grandma, or just too old. An antique-style detail like this combined with a modern trend like asymmetric details, is sort of incongruous. Which can be cool, but is it? The iffy applique - which adds both texture and print to the piece in one go - looks lopsided on this cut off short. The very fact that it's a cutoff just adds to the mish-mash feel of the hotpant.

And it's a hotpant.

Okay, we're obviously kind of leaning in one direction ourselves, but are we being too stuffy? Do you think this is young and fresh and cool and we should get over ourselves with the critique? Let us know, vote in the poll below.

If you love the hotpant, it's 100% cotton and machine washable. Perhaps one of those items that gets better with wear, if you like the statement it's making in the first place.