vivienne westwood easter eggs 2012.jpg

Easter is just around the corner which is the perfect excuse to retire the diet and get stuck into your favourite chocolately treats. If you're on the Easter egg gift hunt for friends and family then one schmancy option are these designer eggs created by Vivienne Westwood.

Westwood has joined forces with Fortnum & Mason to produce an exclusive collection of luxury Easter eggs that will no doubt leave mum or grandma suitably impressed. These handcrafted eggs do not scrimp on detail even the packaging is gorgeous with on-trend coloured foil and ribbons. Inside each egg you'll find a variety of decadent chocolate yuminess such as rose and violet creams and Marc de Champagne truffle all presented in a delectable quilted box which the designer refers to as "a cocoon of luxury." Don't you just want to dive in face first?

Westwood's eggs are priced at around £37.50, purchase online here.