On Tuesday this week Victoria Beckham celebrated her 38th birthday. On this same day she launched her brand new Facebook page before speaking to WWD about her overall social media plans.

"It's something I've been talking about doing for the brand for a long time and so it wasn't a question of a specific time - it just happened to be ready for launch now and I am really excited at the possibilities for my brand messaging that it opens up," she said.

Beckham, who already has a Twitter following of more than 3.3 million fans, attributes the growth to the "personal insights" she shares with her followers. "I also think that my fans and customers really get to know me and my sense of humour through my tweets. I think people see the real me."

As for what type of content we can expect to see on her Twitter and new Facebook pages, Victoria says: "I'm looking to provide a sneak peek at the world of the Victoria Beckham brand with a global reach. You can expect to see exclusive photos, video and behind-the-scenes content. Also celebrity images, archive material relating to past collections and all up to the minute news - anything relevant pertaining to the brand and each of its categories. It's also really important to me that the page is visually strong and I have spent a lot of time working on that aspect within the Facebook structure."

So with all of this tweeting and Facebook-ing, which social media channel is her favourite?

"I really don't have one at the moment! I am really enjoying learning about each of them as I use them and engage with my followers. I must say, I do like using style apps on my iPad, and I also like to shop online. I love Net-a-porter in particular. Being a working mum with four children having the ability to shop online is wonderful."

Although she's a little late to the party, we say welcome Vicky to the social media sphere!

[via WWD]